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How to entertain your wedding guests 3

How to entertain your wedding guests

Kolekzion Events   Who says wedding can be boring? To keep your wedding guests entertained, prepare games and activities. Life size board games can be fun and entertaining. Reminisce kiddie games like snakes...

wedding favor,wedding planning, souvenirs 9

17 Ideas for wedding favors

Kolekzion Events Choosing wedding favors is one of the big challenges during wedding planning.  You’d like to give practical and affordable favors to your wedding guests. And yes, you need to consider what...

Why hire a wedding planner, hiring a wedding planner, wedding planner for hire 0

7 Reasons Why Hire A Wedding Planner

Kolekzion Events When your partner finally pop that question. And you get too excited to plan for your wedding. Wedding planning is a good way for couples to bond more. And since you...

wedding bridal march songs 29

21 Unique Bridal March Wedding Song

Kolekzion Events What do you think is the famous bridal march song for wedding? You got it right! “A thousand years” by Christina Perri. And probably you heard this song to all the...

6 Ways to DIY a wedding candy buffet 10

6 Ways to DIY a wedding candy buffet

Kolekzion Events Candy buffet for your wedding? Brilliant! You can open candy buffet during registration. While waiting for other wedding guests to arrive. Your guests will not be hungry while waiting for the...


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