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balloons for weddings 2

How to use balloons in your wedding day

Kolekzion Events Balloons are often used for parties especially kiddie parties. But would it be really fun to use it on your wedding day? With the use of balloons for decorations, couple’s release...

how to include pets in your wedding 0

How to include pets in your Wedding

Kolekzion Events Check this out pet lovers Lovers! And you simply could not leave your pets not to be included in your wedding day? Here’s some inspiration to include your adorable pets on...

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41 Unique Wedding Theme ideas

Kolekzion Events Are you getting married and still confused what wedding theme to use? Here’s a lists of 41 unique wedding theme to choose from. Even if you don’t have a budget for...

music themed wedding 4

Wedding theme for music lovers couple

Kolekzion Events For couples who have a heart for music, why not have a music theme for wedding instead? Have some wedding inspiration from the engagement shoot to wedding invitation. Or as simple...

travel themed wedding

How To Plan For A Travel Themed Wedding

Kolekzion Events Are you and your better half likes to have a destination wedding but on a limited budget? Why not consider having a travel themed wedding instead. To make the theme go...


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