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How Couple Can Save On Wedding Budget

Kolekzion Events Wedding should not be bank breaking… Yes, wedding can be expensive. But bride and groom needs to identify well the wedding budget. And as much as possible stick to it. Couple...

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17 Ideas for wedding favors

Kolekzion Events Choosing wedding favors is one of the big challenges during wedding planning.  You’d like to give practical and affordable favors to your wedding guests. And yes, you need to consider what...

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6 Neglected Wedding Expenses

Kolekzion Events In wedding planning the bride and groom should consider all expenses. Items below are often neglected to consider in budgeting. 1. Wedding proposal Groom’s be honest here… You don’t want to...

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7 Wedding Saving Tips

Kolekzion Events Wedding planning can be stressful. It can also break your bank if you don’t do planning right. Yes, it should start from the proper wedding budget. And yes, stick to it....


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