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Nautical Themed Wedding

Kolekzion Events After featuring a beach wedding here, here’s one of my favorite wedding theme. Nautical wedding that can be use even not on a beach wedding reception. I remember my client couple...

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Why You Should Have A Beach Wedding

Kolekzion Events Beach Wedding. One of famous wedding peg is a beach wedding. Are you considering it? Learn the pros and cons here in having a destination wedding like a beach wedding. Why...

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Sunflower themed wedding

Kolekzion Events Are you looking for a wedding theme? If you’re a flower lover a sunflower themed wedding is something to consider. Or having your wedding on a summer season. It’s one of...

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How to entertain your wedding guests

Kolekzion Events   Who says wedding can be boring? To keep your wedding guests entertained, prepare games and activities. Life size board games can be fun and entertaining. Reminisce kiddie games like snakes...

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17 Ideas for wedding favors

Kolekzion Events Choosing wedding favors is one of the big challenges during wedding planning.  You’d like to give practical and affordable favors to your wedding guests. And yes, you need to consider what...


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