31 Bridal Tips in Planning a Wedding Part III

wedding bridal tips

This 31 bridal tips in planning a wedding aims to help newly engaged couples.

Wedding planning is never easy.

As one of my advocate is to help brides out there, I had compiled 31 bridal tips in wedding planning.

In case you miss it, here’s Part I and Part II 

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Tip number 15 – Attend Wedding Bridal Fairs

Attending bridal fairs is a good way to have an idea how to plan your wedding.
Couple’s will definitely be aware of what kind of suppliers are out there
At the same time have an idea for their very own wedding.
Bridal fairs are also used by suppliers to show case their creativity.
From invitation, gowns, venue themes and motifs, bridal bouquets, bridal cars and more.
Although a quick note that wedding exhibit fairs are expensive to join.
So most of the suppliers also got higher rates.
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Tip number 16 – Research. Research. Research.

Hey Girl, before getting too much excitement in your wedding.
A precaution should be observe.
Don’t book that supplier out right!
Yes I know! You feel in love with that shot that was shown to you.
That photographer blow you away!
Of course! Suppliers will always show you the good side, who wouldn’t right?
So do your research first…
Based on reviews, word of mouth and of course based on your budget.
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Include research on how you can save with wedding printable.
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Tip number 17 – Sourced out suppliers

Sourcing supplier can be really stressful.
But following the previous tips can make this more easier.
>>> Suppliers should be within your budget.
>>> Check out reviews about the suppliers.
>>> Have at least 2-3 alternative suppliers to choose from.
>>> Work only with suppliers you are comfortable with.
>>> Better get local suppliers to avoid out of town charges.
>>> Do not forget about the contracts.
No matter what kind of transactions or services you are availing, always ask for the contract.
And be sure to read it..
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Tip number 18 – Say YES to that Dress

Girl, before choosing that dream wedding dress,
check out link of the official site of “Say Yes to that Dress” show.
I absolutely fell in love with the show.
This show is an eye opener for brides to be.
It changed my perception that you simply choose that dress that makes you look good.
Now I believe that a wedding dress also chooses it’s bride.
Watch now some episodes as it does bring tears to my eyes.
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Tip number 19 – Talked to Newly Wed Couple

Two heads are better than one..
As the saying goes… And indeed it never fails…
Who can help you out than the one that experienced planning for their wedding.
Newly wed couple’s are the best to talk to on how they did their wedding planning.
They can also help with suppliers if you are on a same location.
And some tips on how not to argue in wedding planning can be very useful as well.
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Tip number 20 – Choose a theme for a Pre-nup Shoot

Choosing a theme sometime took for granted.
Or couple’s tend to ask their photographers “what do we need to do”.
Well this is your wedding and you have to take action.
For me, pre-nup themes are important because it personalize your photos.
It gives meaning on what you as a couple represents.

Tip number 21 – Photo Pegs

Are you camera shy?
Well this is the time to shine!
Hell ya! You’re paying for that expensive photographer right?
So take advantage of that…
Research on how to pose in front of the camera.
Yes,yes. You’re photographer will give instructions on how you can pose.
But it would hurt to research how you can make the most of it.
Before the pre-nup and wedding day, stand in front of a mirror.
Find the best side of you and practice posing on that side!

Tip number 22 – Choose flowers in season

Choosing your flowers is not only based on what looks good.
I attended a wedding with sunflower as their flowers.
It’s really beautiful, but it withered so fast!
So choose flowers that’s in season because it’s cheaper.
Find a flower that lasts longer so by the time you walk down the aisle it’s still fresh.
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Tip number 23 – Choose your entourage lists

Couple should discuss who needs to be in your entourage lists. Some points to take:
>>> Who to ask to be a part of your entourage lists
>>> Why they should be a part
>>> How many participants you would like to add
Take time as well in choosing principal sponsors.
They should not only be the one that give more financially (haha)!
But couple’s principal sponsors should be a role model.
And someone bride and groom consider to be a second parents to them.
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