5 Ways to create wedding guest lists

How to create wedding guest lists

Creating the wedding guest list is one of the complex and complicated task in planning a wedding.

Couple’s also have to consider family guests.
This is one of the big thing for a Filipino wedding also known for family ties.

Here are 5 tips that can help create that wedding guest lists.

1. List down all the names

Wedding guest lists is one of the activities that couple’s should seat down. Take time to consider listing all the names you can think of.
Whether the list includes your gossip neighbor but close to your mother.

2. Categorize the names

After you and your groom list down all the names you can think of.
Make a category thus note to keep it simple.
>>> Immediate family
>>> Relatives
>>> Friends
>>> Colleagues
>>> Family friends
You can use this too in creating wedding guest list seating arrangement.
Sample Nautical Themed Wedding Seating Chart from Printed Kolekzion
Wedding Seating Chart

3. Review the wedding budget

As much as you and your groom would love to invite all the lists of names done in tip no 1, it will all go down to the budget.
Based on the wedding budget you can determine how many guests you can accommodate.
Ideal number of guests is at 100 pax.
But do consider 80-20 rule.
Invitee should be 80% of the decided number of wedding guests.
While 20% should be consider as a buffer and allocated for wedding suppliers.
Need help in creating wedding budget?
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4. Short list wedding guests names

Now to fit all that listed wedding guests list within your budget, you have to short lists them.
Based on the categories created in tip number 2, sub-categorized them into A & B.
Below are some guide questions you can use:
>>> Have you been in communication for the last 2 months?
>>> Where you always invited for any of their events?
>>> What significant contribution do they have on your life?
>>> Do you see your self having a wedding without them in the celebration?
Some more notes to think about, wedding is an adult event.

5. Finish the guest lists & send invites

Finally! Let’s get real here. You could not invite everyone.
Nor you can invite anyone you like.
So after cutting down the wedding guest lists, start to send invites under sub-category A.
When sending invites, do include the number of guests you are inviting.
Send the invites ahead of time and emphasize the RSVP deadline.
With ample time you can still invite some guests from sub-category B if the guests in A will not be available.

Sample RSVP card from Printed Kolekzion

Wedding RSVP Card

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