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31 Bridal Tips in Planning a Wedding – Part IV

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Planning a wedding is stressful, tedious and time consuming.

I had compiled 31 tips and tricks for brides and groom as a guidelines in planning a wedding.

A four mini-blog series showcase these tips in planning a wedding.

In case  you missed the other blogs, check it here Part I, Part II & Part III.

Tip number 24 – Send invitation to entourage lists

Couple’s should decide together who are the entourage to include in the bridal lists. And when the best of the best are pick send the invitation to them. Asking for them to be part of your special day.

You would like your entourage to reserve your wedding day.
Tell them ahead of time to block the wedding date.
Be creative when inviting your family and friends as wedding entourage.
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Tip number 25 – Create Guest Lists
Creating wedding guest lists is quite frustrating.
As much as possible you would like to invite everyone on your special day right?
Check here some tips on how to downsize wedding guest lists.
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Tip number 26 – Remind guests RSVP
RSVP comes from French word ” Répondez s’il vous plaît ” translated to “please respond”.
Indicate a date in your invitation for the deadline of RSVP.
You and your groom can create a social media group or a chat where you can send a reminder to your wedding guests.
Response to a wedding rsvp is one of the issue in a Philippines wedding.
Wedding guests sometime consider the invitation as a confirmation.
So couple needs to give reminders for the RSVP.
Guests RSVP is important.
This will be the basis for the final headcount for the wedding catering.
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Tip number 27 – Hire a wedding planner
Bride and groom should be hands-on in planning their wedding.
But a wedding planner is helpful on the day of the wedding itself.
Since couple’s could not longer check the execution of their wedding planning.
Can bride’s rely on friends or family for checking the wedding details?
Not really, unless they are professional wedding planners.
Let’s be realistic here, family and friends wants to be enjoy the wedding.
And they should!
Now let the professional handle even the wedding day itself.
Hiring a wedding planner can give couple’s the ease of mind.
Check here an affordable wedding planner that covers CALABARZON area.
Tip number 28 – Create your Wedding program flow
Customizing your program is one way to personalize your wedding.
Help make your guests feel how you as a bride and your groom feel that moment as a newly wed.
You can check here sample of wedding program flow.
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Tip number 29 – Choose wedding music
Music is not just some songs that the DJ plays during the wedding. Wedding musics give life to the reception program.
Couple’s needs to discuss wedding songs that can represent them.
Here’s the program part you should think about what song to use:
1. Bridal entourage
2. Couple’s grand entrance
3. Mother & son dance
4. Father & daughter dance
5. Couple’s first dance
6. Wedding vow exchange
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Tip number 30 – Have a Day off
As the saying goes, all work and no play…
Wedding planning is really stressful so reward yourself by having a day off.
Take a day off before the big day.
Go to a mall, or watch a movie, have a day spa or simply relax.
Tip number 31 – Enjoy!!!
This is mostly the “take for granted tips”. Planning a wedding can be stressful.
Couple’s should realize that after all the hard work and planning, it will all go to one purpose. That is they have to enjoy what they really work hard for.
Planning for your wedding?
Join our Group for some Tips and Tricks.
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