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Wedding Kit – Essential supplies for emergencies

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Brides better be ready than sorry!
As the saying goes…
Always pray for the best but do expect wedding emergencies.
Not preparing an emergency kit on your wedding day is a big NO NO!
Wedding coordinator assign to the bride bring the emergency kit bag.
Or even the bridesmaid can bring it during the wedding.
Below are wedding essentials a bride should prepare.
1. Emergency bag 
2. Tissue paper
3. Mirror
4. Different kinds of pins – safety pins, hair pins & push pins
5. scissors
6. fan
7. cotton buds
8. pens – ball pen & pentel pen
9. Automatic buttons
10. matches or lighter
11. needle & thread
12. face powder
13. sanitary napkin
14. medicines for headaches, fever, pain reliever, diarrhea
Below things should be useful as well: (not in the picture)
15. chalk (in case something splatter in the bridal gown)
16. tape
17. mouth freshener
18. alcohol
19. stapler
20. bottled water
Or you can simply hire a wedding coordinator that can provide these essential kit.
Like Kolekzion Events that have these available wedding emergency kit available.
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