6 Ways to prepare for a summer outing

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Outing is a good way for bonding.
Whether it’s with your friends, colleagues or family.
Summer is the most popular season for outing.
It’s the time where there are no classes here in the Philippines.
Family takes advantage of this time to bring kids for an outing.

Here are some tips in preparing for an outing:

1. Budget
Budget have to be consider planning an outing especially for out of town outing.
2. Participants
Take into consideration who will be participating in the outing.
Is it for all adult outing? Or for family that includes kids?
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3. Location
After providing the budget and participants for the outing.
Now consider where the location of the outing should be.
Beach is one of popular location for summer outings.
Consider the amenities that the venue has to offer.
Does it fit the number of expected participants?
Is it accessible for all the participants?
Does the venue location provide a spot to do activities?
These are just some of the questions to consider in choosing the location.
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4. Food
Preparing your own food.
Pros: The outing can have unlimited food available
Cons: Time consuming.
Avail of a food in the venue
Pros: You save time in preparation
Cons: More costly
5. Activities
Yes, the most important part of the outing are the activities.
Of course you would like to enjoy the amenities of the venue.
But we should remember the reason for having the outing.
And that is to bond with each other.
6. Have Fun
Take this time to enjoy and bond with each other.
Celebrating an outing doesn’t need to be an out of town event.
As long as you can all get together and enjoy each other’s company.
That’s all that matters!
Happy outing!
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