6 Neglected Wedding Expenses

wedding expenses

In wedding planning the bride and groom should consider all expenses.

Items below are often neglected to consider in budgeting.

1. Wedding proposal

Groom’s be honest here…
You don’t want to simply ask your girlfriend to marry you right?
You’d like to propose in a very meaningful way.
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2. Rings.

Okay, be honest here.
Engagement & wedding rings are quite expensive right?
Then do consider these in the expenses for the wedding.

3. Transportation

When planning the budget for the wedding, do consider to provide budget for transportation.
This includes meet-up with wedding suppliers, venue ocular for wedding location, shopping for wedding accessories & other wedding needs. Also consider transportation for out-of-town guests on the day of the wedding.
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4. Wedding accessories

On the wedding day itself, bride’s need to feel that they are the most beautiful girl around.
Wedding bling, bling do add boost.
Wedding accessories like jewelries, wedding hair clips, gown belts.
These items needs to be considered as expenses.

5. Accommodations

Consider having accommodations ready for out-of-town wedding guests.
The couple must make sure their guests are comfortable.
At least that’s the least they can do to repay their wedding guests for attending their wedding.
But since you could not accommodate all your guests in your home, then you have to ensure to include the budget.
Will you be having your wedding guests stay in a hotel?
Or rent a big house that can accommodate your wedding guests?
Whatever decision, budget should be consider here.

6. Honeymoon

Last but definitely not the least is the expenses for honeymoon.
Since this will be the first time that you’re going away as a newly weds. Planning and budgeting for the honeymoon should be consider in wedding planning budget.
Since this will be the last activity for the wedding, couple’s wedding budgeting. Unfortunately, couple’s give all their budget into wedding. And forgot about the honeymoon afterwards.
Would love to hear any thoughts about these wedding expenses.
But the take away is whatever expenses there are.
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