Groom’s wedding suit: Barong versus Suit

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A barong Tagalog or a suit?
This is often the dilemma for an upcoming groom.
A debate between a barong or a suit on what to wear on his wedding day.
Wedding Suit.
Functional – Groom can still wear the suit after his wedding.
Doing a mix and match with his suit, he can wear it for meetings or even to work.
Formality – A wedding suit can be formal or an informal attire.
Wear a jeans underneath and have it as a casual wear.
Practicality – A practical wardrobe for your groomsmen.
You don’t have to worry to suit-up your groomsmen.
Just don’t choose extraordinary color.
Classic – With barong’s easy and comfortability to wear, it’s a classic for groom’s.
Barong is more suitable for tropical wedding.
Mostly if it’s an outdoor wedding like a beach wedding.
Since barong is light to wear, groom’s don’t need to worry about hot weather.
Traditional – A traditional wedding suit for Filipino groom’s.
Most of barongs showcase the traditional handmade craftsmanship.
Typically made from pina, jusi or abaca.
Now I wonder what do you prefer to wear?
Check here some inspiration pictures to help you decide.
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