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7 Reasons why you need a Wedding planner

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Yes.. it’s your first time to get married right?
And you get too excited to plan for your wedding.
Wedding planning is a good way for couples to bond more.
And since you and your fiance would like to bond more, why hire a wedding planner?
Simply because of these reasons.
1. Planning guidance.
Most probably it’s your first time to get married, right?
And planning is not your strong point.
Now you ask where should you start in planning for your wedding.
Okay, you’re a good reader. And you already read a lot of blogs and wedding articles. So you don’t need a wedding planner.
Wrong! With a simple click of a mouse “how to plan for a wedding”.
A thousand ways will reflect. So now what will you follow?
Do you get now my point?
A wedding planner can guide you where you should start.
He/she can provide you a step-by-step procedure on how to create your wedding timeline.
You can also check my mini-blog here to wedding planning tips.
2. Time saving
And yes! You do save that time from reading all the blogs, online wedding sites and wedding magazines.
And you can start on the meaty part.
And that is really planning for your wedding.
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3. Wedding budget.
A wedding planner can give that sense of helping with your wedding budget.
Well you would love to have that dream wedding of yours.
But yes, you still have to consider the wedding budget!
And a wedding planner can help with that.
He/she can make proposal that can substitute for that expensive idea you got.
But end result can still be the same.
A wedding planner can also help with asking for discounts from other wedding suppliers.
It’s one of the motto of this wedding planner.
“You can have a luxurious wedding without being too luxury”.
4. Contract review
With all the excitement, often a contract thorough review is being neglected.
And yes, contracts are long and highfalutin words. And couples often see the “sign here”.
A wedding planner can help with the detailing of the contract.
Especially in the wedding on-the-day execution of the contract inclusions.
Which of course the couple could no longer check on their wedding day.
5. Lesser stress.
Since wedding planners are use to all that stress.
Then let them have the burden of it for your wedding!
That’s why you hire them for!
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6. Organized wedding.
Okay, let’s face it. In most of the weddings I had attended you can always see so many wedding coordinators. You see the mother of the bride giving instructions to that caterer. Or the bridesmaid telling the DJ what song to play. Or Grandma asking that guests where to seat! Now, who will win in these scenario?! So let your wedding planner handle these strong ladies!
7. Have fun.
This is your wedding day!
So why not cherish the moment and enjoy it.


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