Rustic wedding versus Vintage wedding theme

rustic and vintage wedding theme

Rustic and a vintage wedding are one of the most popular wedding themes.

Why? Because these two wedding themes never go out of fashion.
Both rustic and vintage themes give classic & romantic feeling for the wedding.
But how do we differentiate rustic wedding from a vintage wedding?
When most of the time these two wedding themes are being interchanged?
And sometimes combined as wedding theme.
Rustic wedding theme most of the time used on a garden, barnyard or a countryside location.
But since here in the Philippines we don’t have any barnyard or countryside peg.
A rustic wedding theme is being used as a theme as flexible as a vintage wedding.
Rustic decorations uses mason jars, burlap, chalk boards and woods.
Vintage decors on the other hand uses lace and vintage furnitures.

Couple’s wedding backdrop

See the difference? Rustic wedding backdrop credits to Kolekzion for top photo.
While below photo for a vintage wedding backdrop with credits to TheKnot.
Both uses wood as a backdrop and decorate with white drapes but do provide a different effect.

Wedding centerpiece

Top sample of vintage centerpiece and 2nd photo for a rustic wedding centerpiece.
While 3rd photo shows combining the vintage with a rustic centerpiece.
While the jar is a rustic effect but placing a lace on it combines the two wedding themes.

Rustic Table Number by Printed Kolekzion

Wedding registration

Check this sample peg of guests registration done by Kolekzion.
Top picture for the rustic registration theme and below picture for the vintage theme.
rustic wedding,registration area,wedding registration,wedding theme

Customized Wedding Registration by Kolekzion

Wedding printable from Printed Kolekzion

vintage wedding theme,guest registration
And if you still could not decide between a rustic and a vintage wedding theme.
Find more inspiration in the rustic board and in the vintage board.
Be inspired from a sample of wedding invitation, wedding bouquet or even wedding accessories to use.
And if you’re looking for printable for your wedding, don’t forget to check here.
But whatever wedding theme you use for your wedding.
It still depends upon the personality of you and your groom.
Rustic Wedding stationery

Sample RSVP rustic theme from Printed Kolekzion

Rustic table number

Sample rustic table number by Printed Kolekzion

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