How to have a kiddie party on a budget

how to have a kiddie party on a budget

All parents want to give an unforgettable party celebration for their child. But what if you are on a tight budget?

Here are some tips on how to create a memorable party without breaking the bank.
1. Find a low-cost venue
If you are planning to have a small party, you can host it at home.
There is nothing more wonderful than have a FREE venue.
You can also check clubhouse in your subdivision.
2. Plan Early
To avoid overspending, plan ahead of time what you would like to have in your child’s party.
When it is on a last minute planning, you would not have time to scout for the most budget friendly party goods.
3. Digital invitation
To save on paper prints that will only be trash out later.
Create your personal invitation online. Send them via e-mail or social media networks.
You can check out some of the free sites that you can use to create invitation:
4. DIY Decorations
Wanting a themed party? You can buy balloons in party stores and decorate on your own.
Check out our blog for free resources here.
Or get printable from Printed Kolekzion.
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5. Simple menu
By setting your party around 2-5pm you can prepare light meals for your guests.
Don’t lose that fried chicken though for the kids and hotdog on stick w/ marshmallows.
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6. Cut down on the Guests
Yes! This is a kiddie party, as much as possible invite those that have kids who your child can play with.
7. Set-up Fun yet Affordable Games and Activities
Prepared activities and games can make or break a kid’s party, but they don’t have to cost much or anything at all.
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8. Hire an Event Planner

Yes I know.. You’re thinking you are keeping that budget tight so why hire one? Well, event planners can help you stay within your budget. And at the same time help out how you can give that best kiddie party for your child. Kolekzion events got this almost complete kiddie package here, check it out.

Happy Kiddie planning…

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