4 Common mistakes in choosing EVENT suppliers

Mistakes in choosing wedding supplier
Hiring event suppliers can be tricky.
Weather you’ll be having a kiddie party or any kind of birthday party.
Or a big wedding celebration or a simple family event.
But how do you really choose a supplier for your event?
Here are some common mistakes you do when you’re choosing an event supplier.

1. Word of Mouth.

Relying on a word mouth referrals can be tricky.
Supplier compatible to your neighbor doesn’t mean compatible for you.
And don’t forget that someone can refer a supplier with incentives.
So you still have to be smart before hiring a referred supplier.

2. Booking an event package.

And yes getting that event package can save you time.
But does it save you money?
Before booking that event package from one supplier, you must do your budget checking.
If you don’t have an idea about the suppliers rates you might pay way beyond your budget.
Check here blog on savings tips.
Or check how to have a party on a budget here.
You can also check out this printable planner by Printed Kolekzion.

3. Facebook groups.

Okay you’re right. Facebook groups are good way to find different kinds of event suppliers.
From caterers, event venues, event planners, florists, photo & video services and event suppliers.
But is facebook group the right platform?
Especially if you are commenting in the group “comment your offer”.
Most of the event suppliers do not want to post along with the other suppliers their rates.
And since you’ll be having your event it’s also one of the mistake to say “You don’t have time to check”.
Even if you say it’s a simple event, you’re still going to spend a hard earned money.
So please do take time to spend checking where you’re planning to spend that money!
But do join facebook groups where they focus more on helping group members.
Like our group here that aims to help for any kind of event you’re planning.

4. Budget.

Seriously, I still think if you’re going to have an event it will start with a budget.
Plan an event based on your available budget and stick with it.
Here’s some blogs you can read for guidelines.
Would love to hear your thoughts on this when you choose for your event suppliers?
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