21 Wedding Songs Same-day-edit (SDE) video

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Planning to have SDE or same-day-edit video on your wedding day? Why not right?
As you and your groom busy with all the day happenings.
It’s quite exciting seeing the highlights of your wedding.
As you also trust your hired wedding videographers to create the video for you.
You might also consider suggesting songs to them.
Music can do create moods and well this is your wedding day.
You would like to personalize it and use songs that represents you as a bride and your groom on your wedding day.

Here’s some of our suggested wedding SDE songs:

1. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
2. 93 Million miles by Jason Mraz
3. Bestfriend by Jason Mraz
4. The women in love by Jason Mraz
5. Have it all by Jason Mraz
6. Grow old with me by Tom Odell
7. Beautiful soul by Jesse McCartney
8. You and me by Lifehouse
9. I will spend my whole life loving you by Kina Grannis & Imaginary Future
10. My dear by Kina Grannis
11. We’ll be okay by Imaginary Future
12. Where my love goes by Lawson
13. This is it by Scotty McCreery (personal fave)
14. When you love someone by James TW
15. With you by Tyler Shaw
16. By my side by Tyler Shaw
17. Say you won’t let go by Shaun Reynolds & Kaycee de Silva
18. Head above water by Avril Lavigne (personal fave)
19. Happier by Marshmellow ft Bastile
20. With you by Tyler Shaw
21. Could this be love by The Wanted
Would love to hear any thoughts on these song lists.
And if you got lists you want us to add here just comment it below..
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