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Event guestbook had evolved drastically for the past few years.
Events guests can now show their creativity in greeting the celebrants.
From the traditional signing of name to different messages.
Here are some alternatives to the traditional guestbooks:
1. Loose messages
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From Kolekzion wedding event
2.Framed event guestbook
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From Kolekzion kiddie party event
3. The puzzle
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From Etsy
4. The tree wood message 
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5.  The wood loose message
wedding guestbook; wedding planner; wedding package philippines
6. The boxed message
wedding guestbook; wedding philippines; wedding planner ph
7. Framed block message
wedding planner philippines; manila wedding; wedding guestbook
8. Jenga guestbook
wedding package philippines; Laguna wedding planner; wedding guestbook
9. Canvas
wedding guestbook; wedding planner; wedding philippines
Laguna philppines wedding; wedding package; wedding details philippines; wedding planner
From Etsy
10. Sign board 
wedding guestbook; metro manila wedding
From Shopee
Find more ideas of alternative guestbook here.
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