How Couple Can Save On Wedding Budget

wedding savings
Wedding should not be bank breaking…
Yes, wedding can be expensive.
But bride and groom needs to identify well the wedding budget.
And as much as possible stick to it.
Couple should look into ways on how to cut wedding expenses.
And get some wedding savings.
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Here let me show you how you can save on wedding stationery.
Did you know that couple’s spend $400 to $600 for wedding stationery alone?

What are these stationeries?

These includes
– Engagement announcement invitation
– Bachelorette and bachelor party invite
Save-the-date, RSVP and wedding invitation
– Favor tags or Thank you card tags
– Wedding guestbook
Wedding stationery for wedding vows and letter to bridal party
Whew! That’s a lot.
Do you need all them for your wedding?
Yes and no.
I can detailed the needs for each in another blog.
But for now, these are some ways on how you can have these wedding stationery.
Yet not spend that much and keep your wedding budget a breeze.
Date jar wedding sign

1. Search for free wedding printable.

Who does not love freebies right?
There are alot of sites you can get wedding printable.
I actually list these in my blog that you can check 👆here.
You can also get a free wedding planner 👆here.
Pros: Saves you time.
: Save you money to buy any designs
: You can print at home or in any printer shop near you.
Cons: Lacks personalization since it’s from a free site.
You can also visit 👆here for free wedding printable.

2. Do-it-yourself.

Check out Canva, my favorite tool to use in creating my wedding printable.
Pros: Bride can add personal touch
: Even if you are not an artist, you can use Canva’s free template
Cons: This may consume time if you are not good in creating art.
: Can be overwhelming with so much details to check.

3. Go Digital.

Pros: Faster sending to wedding guest
: Cost effective
: Save on paper. Save Mother earth.
: Save on postage.
Cons: Can be use for wedding invitations only.
Check related blog post 👆here how to go digital.

4. Buy wedding printable.

You can search big wedding online marketplace that offer different wedding printable.
You can visit sites like etsy, amazon, creative market or even Facebook marketplace.
Pros: Saves you time
: You can get choices of designs based on your wedding theme and motif.
: You can get your wedding stationery all based on your wedding design & wedding theme.
Cons: You can get overwhelmed with many choices online.
But worry no more.
You can check Printed Kolekzion wedding stationery printable.
And if you could not find what you are looking for?
You can ask to create one for you..
Isn’t that cool right?
Wedding Printable by Printed Kolekzion
Wedding Stationery Printable

Now to summarized how you can save on your wedding budget.

Start looking at cutting cost for your wedding stationery.
1. Search for FREE wedding printable
2. Do-it-yourself.
3. Go Digital.
4. Buy wedding printable.
Happy wedding planning for you.
Would love to hear your thoughts on these 4 saving tips.
Some notes, I do not recommend buying a cricut machine or printer (if you still don’t have one.)
Buying these equipment are still cost.
And think what will be the use of it after the wedding right?
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Free Wedding Planner

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