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Wedding Songs 64

Father-Daughter Wedding songs

Kolekzion Events Father-daughter dance is one of the touching moment during the wedding. Find a unique song for the father-daughter dance. You’re dad is not much of a dancer? Why not sing along...

Rustic Wedding Theme 18

Rustic Wedding in Los Banos Laguna

Kolekzion Events Looking for a wedding theme? You can never grow old using rustic wedding. What is a rustic wedding theme? Having use of natural colors, mostly if your wedding venue is all...

wedding first dance song 16

28 Unique Wedding First Dance Songs

Kolekzion Events What’s your favorite part in a wedding program? Personally one of my favorite part is the couple’s first dance. Oh yes! All weddings do have first dance. But what can make...

wedding theme idea 8

41 Unique Wedding Theme ideas

Kolekzion Events Are you getting married and still confused what wedding theme to use? Here’s a lists of 41 unique wedding theme to choose from. Even if you don’t have a budget for...

travel themed wedding

How To Plan For A Travel Themed Wedding

Kolekzion Events Are you and your better half likes to have a destination wedding but on a limited budget? Why not consider having a travel themed wedding instead. To make the theme go...

Sunflower themed wedding 4

Sunflower themed wedding

Kolekzion Events Are you looking for a wedding theme? If you’re a flower lover a sunflower themed wedding is something to consider. Or having your wedding on a summer season. It’s one of...


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