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Wedding Songs 64

Father-Daughter Wedding songs

Kolekzion Events Father-daughter dance is one of the touching moment during the wedding. Find a unique song for the father-daughter dance. You’re dad is not much of a dancer? Why not sing along...

Rustic Wedding Theme 18

Rustic Wedding in Los Banos Laguna

Kolekzion Events Looking for a wedding theme? You can never grow old using rustic wedding. What is a rustic wedding theme? Having use of natural colors, mostly if your wedding venue is all...

How to create wedding guest lists 1

5 Ways to create wedding guest lists

Kolekzion Events Creating the wedding guest list is one of the complex and complicated task in planning a wedding. Couple’s also have to consider family guests. This is one of the big thing...

How to create wedding program 84

How to Create a Wedding Program

Kolekzion Events How would you create your wedding program? A few days left on your wedding.. You requested your best friend to host for your big day…. Then she ask you, what is...


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